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January 14, 1905   The church was organized and named East End Baptist Church. Reverend Brooks, Pastor.

Founders: Father Anderson, Reverend N.T. Shelton, Reverend Brooks

Trustees: Eze Haywood, A.W. Wallace, Harvey Francis, Sr., A. Horton, Tom Brown, Green Banks, and Green Yates.

The church building was a three-room house donated by the family of A. Horton.  The church received its second pastor - Reverend William Taylor.

1916 - 1940   The church received its third pastor - Reverend W. B. Meyers who served 25 years. Church growth and improvements: progressed from three frame buildings to stately two-story stucco building with basement, baptistery, pastor's study, finance room, choir room, dining room, kitchen located at the corner of Connelly and Dakota Streets. The name was changed to: Corinth Baptist Church.

1941 - 1950   In 1941, Reverend Meyers resigned. He accepted a call to a church in Houston, Texas. The church received its fourth pastor Dr. J. H. Hardeman. The church name was officially changed to: Greater Corinth Baptist Church.  Under Pastor Hardeman's leadership, the church family accomplished the following: A debt of $30,370.00 was liquidated in three months and the Charlie Bellinger Estate was purchased for $35,000.00 from its heirs (The Bellinger family donated $5,000; thus, reducing the loan to $30,000.00). The remaining $30,000.00 debt was liquidated in eight months (Apr 1, 1943 - Dec 14, 1943) with a cost saving of $9,482.05 in interest. The old edifice at Connelly and Dakota Streets was converted to a hospital which was named the Good Samaritan Hospital. A great brick edifice, perma-stone parsonage, nursery school, educational building, double tennis court, basketball court, boxing ring, playground, and a children's pen comprised the new church site and was the Corinth Community Center. The center took in the entire 500 block of South New Braunfels Avenue where later a piece of property was bought and sold for the erection of a house for delinquent girls and a grocery store.  

February 19 through March 19, 1950   Grand opening of the Greater Corinth Baptist Church.  

August 26, 1950   Corinthians mourned the death of Dr. John H. Hardeman which ended eight years of service.  

November 6, 1950   Corinthians called its fifth pastor - Dr. B. Tyree Alexander.  

June 10, 1955   A mortgage burning celebration was held in a special dedicatory service. Church improvements and additions under Dr. Alexander include: a second story addition to the parsonage; complete furnishings for various rooms in the church; and, central heat and air installation within the sanctuary.

February 26, 1956   After five years and four months, under the leadership of Dr. Alexander, the church paid off its $128,000.00 debt.  


1965   Additional improvement include carpet and BBQ pit. Over 1000 were baptized during Dr. Alexander's pastorate. 

October 1981   The church mourned the passing of Dr. B. Tyree Alexander after 31 years of service. Homegoing services were held October 5, 1981, superseding his 31st anniversary celebration which was scheduled for November.

1981 - 1982   Reverend C. L. Luddington, Associate Minister, served as Interim Pastor. The church celebrated its 77th church anniversary in a grand service February 28, 1982, under his leadership.  

1982 - 1989   Dr. D. J. Winters, from Great Hope Baptist Church, Richmond, Virginia, was called as the sixth pastor July 1982, and he officially took the office September 5, 1982. Under his leadership, the church fostered and embraced a holistic ministry - ministering to the whole person, i.e., mind, body and soul. The first female deacons (6 in number), the first female trustees (3 in number) were appointed and the first female preachers (4 in number) were licensed.  The sanctuary underwent a $350,000.00 renovation and beautification. Other buildings were upgraded and a new parking lot installed.  


November 30, 1990   Dr. Winters resigned as pastor to accept another mission call of our Lord.

1990 - 1991   Reverend K. Ivan Joes, a Captain and Chaplain in the U.S. Army, and Reverend Edwin L Peters Sr, served as Interim Pastors.

1991 - 2009   Dr. Carl Johnson from New Hope Baptist Church, Anchorage, Alaska was called as the seventh pastor. May 8, 1991, impressive installation services were held.


October 27, 1991   Dr. Johnson’s leadership brought commitment and a hope for the resurgence of the mission and dream to be the spiritual beacon at this corner of the community. Church improvements and additions include liquidation of the $350,000.00 mortgage (13 years before its maturity date of 2014); new women's and men's restroom facilities in the sanctuary; a new roof on the sanctuary and the gymnasium; a new sound system in the sanctuary; the purchase of two vans; a new library facility with new computers were purchased for each office along with on line services; a web page was designed; new furnishing in various buildings; new steam tables in the dining area; upgrade of the parking lot; and, secured architectural plans for the construction of a new multipurpose education/administration facility.  Dr. Carl Johnson retired in October 2009. 

2009 -2010   Dr. Oscar C Jones served as Interim Pastor until his passing in December 2009 at which time Rev. Edwin L. Peters, Sr. served as Interim Pastor.

2010 - 2012   Rev. Kenneth A. Brown was elected as pastor and served until October 2012.

2012 - 2013   Dr. Carl Johnson served as Interim Pastor.

2013 - 2015   Dr. D. J. Winters returned to San Antonio and accepted Corinth’s request for leadership. 

Dec 2, 2014 - Rev. Stanley D. Sparrow was elected to provide pastoral leadership.

April 26, 2015 to Present   Corinth installed its ninth pastor, Rev. Stanley D. Sparrow. The old gymnasium was completely renovated and officially dedicated September 13, 2015 as the Hamilton-Lott Fellowship Hall.  The old parsonage was designated at the Youth Center and has been renovated to accommodate the ever growing population of Corinth’s youth.  Souls have been added by baptism and Christian Experience. From Jan 2016 to present, the campus has been completely updated with new fencing and security. Nov 12, 2017, Pastor Emeritus is conferred to Dr. Carl Johnson. On August 24, 2018, Greater Corinth Baptist Church campus has been recognized by the State of Texas as a local historic site, the newly renovated and restored Bellinger Mansion was rededicated. 

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