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Welcome to Greater Corinth Baptist Church.

 Whether you are a person interested in something new or a person with extensive Christian experience, we are glad that you have decided to visit our site.


Our vision is simple. We are a “Reverent church with a Relevant Ministry.” We believe that Jesus Christ died for our sins; and the only way to truly seek salvation is through His Word. We worship Him in reverence and use relevant ministry to minister to others.

At GCBC, we are passionate about our mission and continue to do God’s work in the city of San Antonio and surrounding communities. For over a century, our church has stood with the main purpose of reaching and teaching people to live a life aligned with Christ. 

As long as GCBC stands we will continue to:


Minister to those who are seeking a relationship with the Lord.

Teach the Word of God to guide our steps.

Help those in our community that are in need.

Fellowship and build relationships with one another as our relationship with Christ matures.

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